“Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth”

Paul Clitheroe.

This event will bring to fore the variegated skills like analysis, portfolio diversification, control and research of budding finance zealots. Tread into the virtual world of securities with an exposure to the real life trade tussles. Participants will gain an insight about the dynamic operations of Stock Exchange and develop a knack for shrewd trading.

Platform Provider

Terms and condition regarding the platform

  • The contest is open to all Post-Graduation Management students and corporates.
  • More than one team can participate from one institute.
  • Only Individuals participation is allowed.
  • Account username and password will be provided to the participants beforehand. The trading will be allowed between Mon - Fridays from 9:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs (except national holidays).
  • The quotes displayed will be delayed
  • The platform does not support corporate actions like bonus issue, stock split etc
  • Derivatives (Futures & Options) will not be part of this contest (Even if the accounts could be enabled for these products)
  • The user id cannot be retrieved if forgotten under any circumstances
  • If the account gets locked for wrong password inputs, then that account cannot be activated. Users must be careful while putting in their password.
  • The time taken to enable the account for trading post activation is 24 hours (Approx)
  • There will be a maximum daily turnover cap on these accounts, Participants cannot exceed more than Rs.3Crs/- of turnover per day. This includes intraday and delivery based trading.
  • In case the participant exceeds the turnover cap the account will be disabled / locked and no further transactions will be allowed.
    • Once instance of exceeding is allowed provided the turnover is less than 3.5 crs - A warning mail will be issued in such cases
    • If the participants exceeds the 3.5 cr turnover, than the account is disabled / locked even on first instance
    • If the participant exceeds the 3 cr turnover second time then the account is disabled / locked
    • Account once disabled/ locked, no further transactions will be allowed.

Rules & Regulations


First Prize : Rs. 7,000*

Second Prize : Rs. 4,000*

Top 3 participants will be awarded certificates.


"The rules, point format for the event described and prize money are liable to change at any point of time. SPM Annual Fest Committee, SPM reserves the right to change the same."

Description Expected Deadlines
Registration Opens 18th Dec 2018
Registration Closes 08th Jan 2018
Event Starts 09th Jan 2018
Event Ends 21st Jan 2018
Event Final Result 21st Jan 2018
Raj Mistry : +91 9662266776

Nimesh Shah : +91 7709544582