A two-day open-ended event where the participants (vloggers) cover the activities and major events of The Annual Fest via Video logs and photos (performance review, popular opinions, contestant interviews etc) on the go and post them as a short; content driven package on The Social Media Platform (Facebook) where the Judges will review their submission.

Rules & Regulations


First Prize : Rs. 4,000 *

Second Prize : Rs. 2,000 *

Participants shortlisted for the final round will be awarded certificates.


"The rules, point format for the event described and prize money are liable to change at any point of time. SPM Annual Fest Committee, SPM reserves the right to change the same."

Description Expected Deadlines
Registration Opens 21st Dec 2015
Registration Closes 10th Jan 2018
Preliminary Round Starts 11th Jan 2018
Preliminary Round Closes 13th Jan 2018
Preliminary Round Result 15th Jan 2018
Final round on campus 22nd Jan 2018
Karan Verma : +91 9725704190