Rules & Regulations

  • Each team should have 9 players i.e. 8 outfield players + 1 goalkeeper [+5reserves].
  • Duration: The total duration of the match will be 45 (20-5-20) minutes. In case, there is no result after the stipulated time, extra time of 10 minutes (5 minutes one half)will be given. If there is no result after the extra time, the results will be decided according to the penalty shoot out.
  • The allowance for time lost is at the discretion of the referee.
  • Offside Rules:There is no offside rule.
  • There are rolling substitutes, while making the substitution the referee must be notified
  • Card Rules:
    • A player shown 2 yellow cards or a red card in a match is compelled to leave the field for that match and is not permissible to play the next match.
    • If any player receives 2 Yellow cards before the semi-finals, he is not allowed to take part in the semi-finals. For the finals any yellow cards received before semi-finals is nullified.
  • Back Pass Rules:
    • The goalkeeper is not allowed to catch a back pass made by foot.
    • Back pass made only by head or chest can be caught by the goalkeeper.


"The rules, point format for the event described and prize money are liable to change at any point of time. SPM Annual Fest Committee, SPM reserves the right to change the same."