Rules & Regulations

  • Only 2 bowler can bowl maximum of 3 over's.
  • All rules of International Cricket except LBW, byes and leg byes.
  • The match would be played with hard tennis ball.
  • The decision of On Field Umpires would be final. In case of any issue please report to SPM officials.
  • In case of Tie, there will be a Super Over.
  • Super Over:
    • Each team decides one bowler to bowl and three batsmen to bat during one over named as the super over. The same ball used in the match will be used in super over.
    • The team batting second in the match will bat first in the super over.
    • Team A will score some runs in the first over and team B needs to chase it successfully to win the match. In case, it is unable to chase, team A wins.
    • In case scores are level, the team hitting maximum sixes in the match will win. If that is also same then the team with maximum four wins the match. If it is also same then the team hitting maximum twos will win the match. And if that also comes to be same then Super Over will be bowled again with order of batting and bowling in previous super over reversed.
    • In case two wickets fall, it is counted as all-out and the total made before losing the wicket is final.


"The rules, point format for the event described and prize money are liable to change at any point of time. SPM Annual Fest Committee, SPM reserves the right to change the same."